13 Best Safety Locker For Home in India 2023

In our day to day, life safety precautions is a must one. While going out for vacation we need not fear of theft if the precautions are taken wisely. The safety lockers keep the fear out.

Here we have added a list of good items that works mostly the best. We are sure that this gives you great insight.

Best Safety Locker For Home Use India

Best Safety Locker For Home
ProductSizeOur ScorePrice on Amazon
Godrej Forte Pro Safe Locker15L88Check Price
Ozone Safety Solutions 12 L82Check Price
Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe14 L78Check Price
SentrySafe Security Safe 1.2 Cubic88Check Price
Armour Mechanical Safe Top OpenCustom82Check Price
Yale Standard Home Electronic Safe 8.6 L74Check Price
AmazonBasics Security Safe28.31 L78Check Price
AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe 23.50 L86Check Price
AmazonBasics Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe14 L88Check Price
Dolphy Unique Design Electric Safe28 L82Check Price
Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe 2.2 L76Check Price
SToK ST-SLW01 Electronic 24 L70Check Price
SHOPO Stainless Steel Dictionary Book1.7 L80Check Price

Godrej Forte Pro Best Safety Locker For Home

Godrej home lockers are safe for keeping valuable things. Though we all know home is always safe for keeping the things there are some costly things to safeguard. For that Godrej, home locker are sufficient to keep your products safely.

If the locker battery drained then in that case also your password remains unchanged. It is best for office use because in the office we have some important documents. We can keep them securely with the help of amazing locker which has the best features. It is well designed and has maximum space so that you can keep the five rooms of valuable things there.

The mechanism of this locker is very impressive and its design is also very attractive. You can go anywhere without any hesitation as you know Godrej locker is best for your home as well as for the office.

This hard digital e-locker is best of its kind. Take this guard to keep your valuable things away from the intruders.


  • It has biometric options and it can preserve up to 30 fingerprints.
  • There is an option to add the optical sensor.
  • The locker will not respond after every four failed attempts.
  • Very safe and secure.


  • Things become difficult if you have forgotten the password.

Ozone Safety Solutions Tusker 12Ltr

Ozone safety solutions serve as very important for homes or small offices. If you are looking for something small type of locker then you must go for this ozone locker. It is said that it is best or ideal for homes and for as you can keep your documents and cash more protectively.

The amazing thing about this that it is available in affordable price tags. It contains an electronic locking system. It has an audio alarm also that will play when its battery will be going to finished. The body of this locker built up of heavy steel. It has an attractive design and easy to operate for both locking and unlocking system.

It comes in a Well enough space and a good audio-visual alarm. It will remind you about the status of your battery.

There is an amazing feature in this locker. After 3 consecutive wrong codes, it will ring an alarm for 20 seconds. and after that locker will be in a safe and secure position for 5 minutes. If you are looking for single-use then you must go for this. Because it comes at an affordable price.


  • Attractive design.
  • Very good space.
  • Good for single usage.
  • Ensures 100% safety.


  • It has a complicated set-up process and difficult to understand instructions.

Godrej Taurus Safe Locker for Home

The Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe (Ivory) can be used for multi-purpose. If you want to use this at home you can but it is multi in nature. So, you can use this for your home, office, financial institutions, shops and hospitals.

Many times, it happens that people are worried about their documents or cash. They want to keep that in a safe place then there is nothing to worry you can have this locker in your shops as well. It contains interior carpet also which looks attractive from inside as well. It also contains a low battery indicator so that you can get to know about the battery status.

One more beneficial feature about this is that it can easily fit in your wardrobe and dressings as well. There is nothing that requires special space for this. With amazing quality, it has an attractive colour that is Ivory.

Godrej has all the very good elements at its range of products. Go ahead with this premium material and get ensured of your thing’s safety.


  • The first advantage is that it is multi-purpose in nature.
  • Attractive body design.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • For extra protection, it contains Motorized shooting bolts.


  • The battery is the major issue of this product.

SentrySafe Security Locker for Home

The SentrySafe Security Safe, Large digital lock safe, made up of very great quality of steel. This locker will keep your documents and even things safe from being theft.

The locker has power mode which keeps your laptop and other appliances safe even you plugged them in. It contains a removable shelf which makes it different from others.

If you want to remove shelf because you have heavy things in that you can do this. You can organize a shelf accordingly. If you are looking for multiple users then it is also available with multiple variations.

This locker contains two types of locking system. You can use key also and another is a digital system. This makes it more secure and best for those who don’t understand the digital system.

It is very strong. If it falls from the height of 15 ft. still you will find this close. This happens because it is made of the best quality.

It is waterproof. If by chance it floats in 8 inches of water still it will close. This can happen in case of flooding. It keeps your documents and your precious things very safely.


  • Comes in two types of locking system.
  • Very strong and sturdy.
  • Waterproof designed body.
  • Your documents will be safe and secure.


  • It is slightly heavier to carry.

Armour Mechanical Safe Top Open

Armour Mechanical Safe Top Open is different from others. Because it contains dimple key lock material which makes this attractive. Dimple key lock material is the centre of attraction of this product.

We can also customize the size if you want this feature is amazing about this locker. According to the buyer, they will customize the size of the locker. If you want a locker and have some choices related to size then you must go for Armour mechanical safe top open. You can customize the size according to your wish. It consists of pry-resistant concealed hinges. It also contains one removable shelf.

It is very attractive to look. It has holes for fitting. There is sufficient space for keeping the documents. Its dimple key system is very good and easily movable with the mechanism. It is of lightweight from this feature you can easily carry in your home as well as office. It has an eye-catching colour. It has one removable shelf also according to your use you can remove that shelf.


  • It is made up of tough steel which makes it long-lasting.
  • Looks very attractive.
  • Easier to carry to different locations.
  • You can remove the shelves for more storage.


  • It comes only with the physical keys. So if you have lost it then there will be trouble.

Yale Standard Home Electronic Safe Lockers For Jewellery

Yale Standard Home Electronic Safe with Pincode Access – 8.6 litres, Black is made up of steel body. Your most important and personal belongings will be safe here. You can keep your valuable documents, cash and your precious jewellery.

All things will be secure here. Shelf of the locker has covered with carpet for preventing scratches. As, if scratches will be there it will not look good from inside. It contains 16 mm of secure bolts and it contains a pin code so that you can easily access to your safe.

If you are putting the wrong code for consecutive 4 times then it sounds an internal alarm for 3 minutes. After that, it freezes the coding system for a short period. But the manual system can be done during the sound of the alarm.

It has solid still construction which makes it more secure and prevents attacks. It also contains a weight of 6 kg. So, it is best suitable for office, shop, hospitals etc. You can easily set up this anywhere. You can easily fix this even on a hard surface because it contains pre-drilled holes.


  • Made up of solid built.
  • Comes in less weight.
  • Alarms when you have entered wrong codes 4 times.
  • Easy to set up anywhere.


  • It can be manually operated and this gives benefits for theft.

AmazonBasics Security Safe Safe Lockers For Jewellery

AmazonBasics Security Safe is made up of heavy steel and is durable. It keeps your document, jewellery and other precious things safe. It has a carpeted shelf to keep your jewellery and delicate items safe and prevents them from damage.

If you go somewhere you can keep your all valuable things in this locker. It gives you peace of mind because you know this locker will preserve your documents or other things.

Its display has different symbols to show you about locked, unlocked, and low battery. It is easy to operate. There are two emergency override keys are available. If you forget your password then from that keys you can easily access to the locker. You can get your valuable things easily even when batteries are also not working.

It contains two live-door bolts, a pry-resistant steel door, and pry-resistant concealed hinges. It makes it stronger than another locker. It has a black exterior which gives classy looks to it and also suitable for office purpose.

This feature is very important if you are observing the locker from distance. With the help of a symbol, you will get to know about locker status.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Two emergency override keys come with the product.
  • Things are very safe and secure.
  • The black exterior gives the product an impressive look.


  • No major issues were found for this product.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

AmazonBasics is different from others. Because it has a quality that can resist the fire as it is clearly understood by its name. You can secure your important documents, jewellery and other important things. It is fire resistant so this is an additional layer of protection.

It has an adjustable shelf which you can adjust according to your need. It also contains keys for emergency purpose. It is modified with UL 72 standard for safety tests for fire-resistant. It only requires one 9V battery. It also contains electronics keypad which makes easy to operate. It is made up of heavy steel body with 4 larges (0.75-inch bolts). It is very durable and well recommended by people.

The locker is good in size and has sufficient space for securing the things. The most important feature is that it is fire resistant and tested properly. You don’t need to worry about your documents even if you are not at home because it is fire resistant also.


  • Adjustable shelf to accommodate your things accordingly.
  • Sufficient space.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Made of the heavy steel body.
  • Fire-resistant.


  • It contains a reset option and that option is located at an unsafe side.

AmazonBasics Biometric Fingerprint Small Safe Locker

AmazonBasics is very safe for home as it is clearly understood by its name that it is biometric. It is available in a variety of sizes. You can buy this product according to your need. This locker will keep your documents safe and gives you valuable peace of mind. It has a black exterior look which can easily adjust with your office or home as well.

It is constructed with heavy-duty carbon steel construction. It can hold up to 50 fingerprints. It is multiple users in nature. For emergency purpose back up key is also available. It contains a large space. A biometric sensor senses fingerprint very fast even less than 1 second. It contains two live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges.

It has biometric fingerprints. Today most of the people want biometric locker so this is very beneficial for them. This can hold up to 50 fingerprints. It is very strong. It looks very enticing that it is noticed by people and this is the best option for office as well.

This biometric material is brilliant in all its kind. You need not worry about the safety of your materials. Go with it in full of your heart.


  • It can be used by multiple users.
  • Comes with a biometric option.
  • You can add up to 50 fingerprints.
  • For a safety point of view, there is an availability of an emergency key.


  • In locking system lock studs are used and that studs are very close to each other.

Dolphy Unique Design Electric Safe

Dolphy Unique Design Electric Safe is made up of steel. With the carpeted inside floor prevents your shelf from damage and scratch. It is durable. When you buy any product first you check their durability that whether it is long-lasting or not. So if you are looking for the durable product then you must go for this. The Dolphy Unique design electric safe is used for keeping the money, wallet, jewels etc.

You can easily install this locker in the cabinet, shelf, desk, or wooden floor. It protects your most valuable documents from theft. If you want to secure your jewellery then easily you can place it here. It contains an additional layer of carpet which makes it more secure.

It also contains a low battery indicator. It is equipped with an electronic lock and contains easy and quick set-up operation. It looks very attractive and top open makes it more eye-catching for people.

Hope this one suits you well as it has all the good essence of a solid locker. This one could safeguard all your important things more than you expect. Take this to your home and it will take care of your kinds of stuff.


  • It looks very interesting with top open features.
  • It will auto freeze after consecutive attempts.
  • Built with steel material and has a carpeted shelf which prevents from damages.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • It contains laptop charger plug.
  • It contains master password also and with the help of that you can easily access to your locker.


  • It requires four AA batteries which are not given along with the product.

Godrej Goldilocks Personal Small Safe Locker

Godrej Goldilocks Personal Safe (2.2 Liters) is made up of a steel body. Goldilocks is very recommended because it is used for your daily purpose. You can easily carry this locker along with you. You can secure very personal and small things in this locker.

You can keep your credit cards, jewellery, car keys, pens etc. It is very compact. It also contains a sensor if anyone tried to snatched or tried to open this then alarm will ring. Its interior is very smooth to touch. It is very important for today’s life because today we are very busy in our life. It contains anti-theft alarm which makes your locker more secure. It can easily carry from one room to another and even you can use this while you are travelling.

We don’t even remember our important small kinds of stuff. So, this locker will very useful for us. You can easily carry this from one room to another and even carry while you are travelling.


  • Comes with an inbuilt alarm.
  • Compact and impressive in terms of looks.
  • Very comfortable carry while travelling.
  • This locker is specially made for small things.
  • Its look very attractive as its locker type is located on the top side which makes it cool.


  • It has the very minimum capacity to hold the things.

SToK ST-SLW01 Electronic Safe

The locker built with iron. We can know about this because of its various name as safe locker/safe box/ electronic safe lockers. You can easily store your valuable documents or your important things here. It contains one shelf that makes two compartments within a locker and shelf is carpeted. It prevents from scratch and damage.

It is perfect for the home, office and every workplace. It is not so much heavy. It contains a digital mechanism to work. So, the digital mechanism is the best thing to watch out in this locker.

You can buy this product for home as well as for office use. It is perfect for both places. It looks very stylish and contains a compact design. It has a digital system. Opens with a secret pin code. It has one best quality that after attempting 4 consecutive pin code it will lockout. So, if someone tried to open this after four attempts it will automatically be locked. It has one key also for emergency purpose. It is very easy to operate.


  • Strong inbuilt.
  • Scratch and damage resistant.
  • It locks after 4 consecutive password mismatch.
  • Perfectly suits all types of place.


  • Space is not very much available as compare to its weight i.e. 10.5 kg. Because nowadays people want a lightweight locker.

SHOPO (LABEL) Stainless Steel Dictionary Book

This product is constructed from stainless steel. The best thing about this is it is available in multicolour. You can choose your colours while buying this. It looks just like a dictionary. People will never know about this that it is not a dictionary it is a locker. If its identity is not revealed by you then there is very less chance of being theft and tamper.

It has great durability and reliability. It is very light in weight. In this, you can easily carry your cards, cash, important documents and things. It is very helpful for those people who wants to hide some small things with their family. It just looks like a book and you can easily hide the things which you don’t want to show others. They will think it is just a book.

This stainless steel material could meet all your expectations in a small-sized locker. It is very helpful in holding your ID cards very safe and secure.


  • It is of very lightweight and durable.
  • It is very useful for hiding things.
  • You can easily carry this to anywhere.
  • Comes in a multicolour option.
  • Suitable for holding your important IDs.


  • No major issues were found with this product.


So, we shared our thoughts on Best Safety Locker For Home. The remaining things are in your head. From this, we are sure that you made your decision. Go for it in full hope and things remain safe for sure.

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