5 Best Usha Ceiling Fan 2022 Expert Review

Usha is an electronic brand with a good reputation. Millions of people in India trust the brand and buy the thing because the product belongs to Usha. Its reliability and affordability have made this company popular among the people. When you need a ceiling fan, nothing can be better than Usha.

Yet, the company has many models. So, one should go for the specifications of the models. Look for the features. Match the specifications with its requirements and then select the model. Here, some of the best Usha ceiling fans are present.

1. Usha Ceiling Fan 1200mm in India

It is an energy-efficient product. Air delivery of the ceiling fan is excellent. It is 240 CC with a speed of 385 rpm. More importantly, the ceiling fan is stain, scratch, moisture, oil and dust resistant.

The motor is 100% copper. The engine ensures smooth operation as well as the long life of the product. Indeed, its electric steel lamination contributes to a longer life span. It is not as heavy as it holds only 5kg 860gm.


  • Cleaning this task is easy to do work.
  • It is worthy of your money.
  • Speed of the fan is excellent.
  • Induction AC motor.
  • Coating is dust resistant.


  • At full Speed, the fan produces little noise.

2. Usha 1200mm Ceiling Fan

It is one of the best Usha ceiling fans. Buying this one cannot be a wrong decision. Its classic, along with the simplicity, is an attractive part of this ceiling fan. This will surely complement the decor of your room. The rich brown colour of the product complements the interior of the place.

Air delivery is good with a 1200mm sweep. It is 207mm, and this ensures excellent air circulation. The presence of three blades will give you the most extraordinary output.

The best part is its performance in the low voltage. Hence, the product is quite suitable for places having frequent electrical fluctuations.


  • The fan performs well, even when the voltage is low.
  • Presence of glossy powder-coated paint for long life as well as superior finish.
  • High lift angles of the blade provide a wide air spread in the room.


  • It is a little expensive.

3. Usha Ceiling Fan 1250mm Dust Cleaning

The model is among the top-rated products of Usha. The product is known for its unique features. Its appealing design matches the décor of your house. The brand itself assures customer satisfaction in terms of durability and reliability.

Notably, the fan has Novel Silane Paint Technology for coating. This technology ensures it prevents the product from stain, dust, moisture, oil and scratch. Say goodbye to these problems. Dust is the most common problem. Now, with this fan, dust is not a concern for you. Get the maximum comfort air the air delivery of 240 CMM.

100 copper motor guarantees the high durability of the product. It is also offering high performance. Quality and performance are never questionable with the models of Usha.


  • The fan is providing excellent performance even in the low voltages.
  • This product possesses resistance against stains, moisture, oil and dust.
  • Copper motor is giving you a good experience.
  • Electroplated finish of trims and canopy offers an excellent look to the ceiling fan.


  • It creates noise.

4. Usha Ultra High-Speed Ceiling Fan

This product of Usha is famous for its ultra-high-speed of 400 RPM. The model will give you entirely a new experience in terms of air delivery and performance. Indeed its looks will mesmerize you.

100% copper motor guarantees a smoother operation of the product. Longer life is also possible due to copper motor.

Next, its glossy powder coating is also contributing to the durability of the fan. Not only the life of the product increases, but it is also adding elegance to your room.

Its unique blade design is accompanying by a high lift angle. This is assuring high air delivery and wide throw. Its cooling performance is impressive.


  • 100% copper motor.
  • Presence of glossy powder coating.
  • Ultra-high speed.
  • It can perform well in the low voltage also.
  • Electric steel lamination


  • Nothing Much

5. Usha 600mm Ceiling Fan for Small Room

It is an excellent option for small rooms. Usha has always been a reliable and durable brand. The company has always won the heart of its customers. With the retro look of this fan, the model has made its place in the market.

The model is quite efficient in conditions of low voltage. So, electrical fluctuations is not a dilemma at all. The fan has a glossy finished ceiling fan. Its blades will take care of even the distribution of air across the room. The high lift angle blade also supports this feature. It also helps in wide air spread across the room.


  • Presence of glossy powder-coated paint assures more extended life.
  • Superior grade electrical steel lamination.
  • High lift angle blade is present for broader air spread.


  • It is not suitable for large rooms.



In a tropical company like India, many models of ceiling fans is present. The preference of each people is different. They have diverse options in terms of ceiling fans. Hence, getting one is not a challenging task. The dilemma is choosing the best one.

The customer should keep some factors in mind while buying a ceiling fan. Durability and warranty are not the issues of concern with Usha. The company is in the market for more than 70 years.

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