10 Best Tower Fans In India Reviews With Price

Nowadays, in the summer season, the temperature is continuously rising. So, this has given the need of a cooling appliance at home. There is no doubt about the functioning of air conditioners, But these are pretty expensive.

Hence, with a limited budget, a tower fan is a suitable option to cool your place. Structure of the tower fan is like a cylindrical chamber. This alternative is the best choice for all sizes of living rooms. It takes significantly less space in the room.

Here, a list of best tower fans will help you in choosing a suitable one for you.

10 Best Tower Fans in India Reviews

iBELL DELUXE High Speed Tower Fan

The product range of iBell is extensive. The company is known for home appliances and kitchen ones too. iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan is gaining popularity due to its stylish look along with the affordable price.

Beat the summers with its excellent air delivery. The product is ideal for a medium-sized room. It perfectly matches with the modern ambience. The aesthetic looks of the tower fan will assure elegance to the place.

Premium plastic, as well as a high-quality one, gives durability to the body of the tower fan. This material assures rust protection. It also ensures more power. The motor has excellent performance and provides air throw up to 25 feet.

In terms of electrical consumption, the product is an energy-efficient one. The electricity consumption is not too much. It is 140watts.

Three-level of airspeed is available to control it. At the top panel, two regulators are there. So, make use of regulators to maintain the airspeed.

The product makes itself unique among the crowd as it is providing an additional six months warranty apart from the one- year warranty.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Easy to install.
  • Noise level is low.


  • This product is not inverter compatible.

Lasko 42″ Best Tower Fan with Remote Control

Lasko is known for manufacturing home comfort products. The unique point about the tower fan is its fresh air ionizer. Its built-in ionizer just adds negative ions to the air. This helps in creating fresh air, just like the outdoors.

The ionizer will generate the negative ions and will disperse these ions to the combat. It will help in dispelling air pollution inside the room. Gradually the level of ions will increase in the room, and it will give you more feeling of fresh air in the room. The airflow of the tower fan is just to deliver a maximum of ions.

The next important thing is noiseless operation. The tower fans work silently without creating any noise. While using this, you can easily hear the television. Moreover, get sound sleep. Get the proper rest.

Easy to operate tower fan also contributes to easy assembling. There is no challenging process to assemble it. Besides, there is a built-in carry handle. This feature offers easy movement from one place to another.

Amazingly, its electronic timer automatically turns off the fan after the use of 7 hours. This is a fantastic feature of this one.

It is a space saver product. The vertical design helps in saving the space and will help you in placing the tower fan in those places where your pedestal fans do not fit.

The tower fan is ideal for office, kitchen and bedroom as it does not take much space.

Its design will match with the home décor. It will surely enhance the looks of the room. No air circulation is compromised with its stylish design. So, get comfortable with the elegant tower fan.

Moreover, get the remote control with it. So, operate the tower fan without leaving your place. Get the control over timer, oscillation and fan speed. The multifunction remote control offers easy to use it from your bed and sofa only.

There is a LED display at the top. It also has fan controls. Colour-coded LED display helps in knowing the fan speed that is selected. This also helps in understanding the set timer.


  • Controls are easy to use.
  • Fresh air ion technology.
  • Stylish looks
  • This one has convenience features.
  • It comes with remote control.
  • It is a space saver as it does not occupy much space.


  • It is expensive.

Deco Indoor Tower Fan with Remote

Deco is a new company in this field and is manufacturing the tower fan of top quality. The brand has come up with the idea of remote control with the product. This is a nice feature enabling the person to handle the tower fan from his seat only.

One can easily control the on and off of the tower fan. Apart from the switch on/off button, the remote has other controls too. It also has a timer switch. It is among the best fan to opt.

Addition to the remote control, the electricity consumption is also low. It is only 35 watts. So, this tower fan is contributing to saving electricity. Along with this saving it is aiding in saving them money on electricity bills.

There are many excellent features. Apart from the above, it has variable speed options. There are 3-speed options. Hence, you can opt for anyone as per your requirement.

There are three wind models of this product. The built-in timer is another beautiful feature of Deco Tower fan. It is for 7 hours. Moreover, the product is equipped with a motorized oscillation feature.

The motor is made up of high-quality copper. Thus, the use of quality material assures durability to the product.

At the top, you can manually operate the tower fan as it is having the buttons at the top of the body.

Next main important thing is design. Its compact and sleek design is fabulous. Design complements your taste.

Get the one year warranty with the product.


  • Electricity consumption is low. So, there is saving on electricity bills.
  • The remote control is multifunctional.
  • 7 –hours built-in timer
  • Sleek design contributes to space-saving.
  • The motor is made up of copper.
  • It has motorized oscillating feature.


  • With time, the product may produce noise during oscillation.

Honeywell Quiet Set 8-Speed Tower Fan

If you are looking for the top quality tower fan, then Honeywell Quiet set 8-Speed tower fan is a good one. This model is a unique one as it comes with the light dimming design. There are five light selections to save energy.

You can set it on 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% off.

While designing the tower fan, durability was the primary concern. So, construction is in such a way that the durability of the product is not compromised. In the structure, only quality material is used. The top quality material ensures long-lasting use of the tower fan.

Get exciting options with 8-speed control. This electronic button control will undoubtedly offer to boost in operating this one. It also has the option of timer. As the time elapses, the tower fan will shut down. This helps in saving energy.

The timer can be set on an auto-shutoff timer for 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. With so many exciting features, this tower fan has made its place in top names. All its features help in making operations of the fan easy and convenient for the user.

Owning such an excellent product will not only make life easy but also adds style to your home décor. Its fabulous features, whether it is quality or 8-speed controls, all of these give comfort and style. The product has one year warranty.


  • Sleek and compact design.
  • Functioning is good.
  • Presence of remote control makes the operation convenient.
  • Eight powerful speed cooling.
  • Sturdy base
  • Five lighting selections as a dimming feature.


    Lasko High Velocity Tower Fan With Handle

    As summer knocks your door, the need for an electronic appliance that keeps you cool arises. In summers, the weather changes, temperature increases. Thus, something is needed to handle the hot surroundings. Here, the solution is Lasko 4924 Towers fan.

    The tower fan is coming with unique features to give you comfort at your place. This has a handle for easy carrying. The hold will provide you with the ease of moving the tower fan around the home.

    There are three sets in terms of speed. The user can choose among low, medium and high speed. Presence of widespread oscillation offers the choice for air circulation. It can be done by simply pressing the button. Get a comfortable breeze and fresh air.

    Assembling is not a tough job to do. Without going into deep into trouble, one can simply assemble it.

    The top-mounted control panel offers the ease to handle the operations of the tower fan. Working of the fan is noiseless. So, during sleep, there is no disturbance.

    The sleek design of the tower fan will impress us. It also contributes to space-saving. Moreover, this one is ETL listed. It means that it has passed all the published standards which are applicable. Hence, this ETL listed assures the safety to use the product.


    • The tower fan is ETL listed for safe to use.
    • It has optional widespread oscillation.
    • Three speeds are present- Low, medium and high.
    • It has handled, and it assures easy movement of the tower fan from one place to another.


    • Absence of timer and remote control.

    Lasko T42954 Tower Fan with Remote Control for Bedroom

    Beat the summer with Lasko T 42954. The fan is powered with three-speed settings- Low, Medium and High. Size of the fan is perfect for the high bed also. It is powerful to blow air across the room. It created a fantastic airflow to keep you cool.

    Its powerful breeze does not create noise. The noiseless operation will let you get sound and peaceful sleep. You can hear the television.

    To operate the fan is also an easy task. This tower fan comes with lots of impressive features like optional oscillation, built-in handle and so on. Its built-in carry handle offers the ease to move around the home quickly.

    Along with these, its in-built timer has an auto-shut facility. The auto shut timer can be set up to 7.5 hours. No need to move from your place to change any setting as it has a remote control. Get the power in your hand only. Change the location by sitting at your seat only.

    The tower fan has a nighttime setting. So, the control displays get dim automatically. Thus, there is no problem of display in the night during sleep.

    It is a real space saver. Sleek vertical design contributes towards optimizing the space of the floor. It will fit into those spaces where a regular pedestal fan does not work.

    Ideal product for places like the living room, kitchen and dorm.

    Lasko is a trusted brand and quality is not an issue with this company. Lasko offers ETL listed fans. Along with it, there is the Blue Plug Patented safety fuse technology.


    • The slim and space-saving design of the product.
    • It comes with remote control.
    • There is an inbuilt timer.
    • Presence of Blue Plug Patented safety fuse technology.
    • It has night time settings.


      Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Tower Fan with Noise Reduction

      Ozeri tower fan boasts a stylish design that complements the room décor. Its sophisticated system also supports the space-saving feature.

      It is designed in such a way that the tower generates more air velocity. The product is setting new benchmarks in the field of noiseless airflow.

      For comfort, relaxation and foster sleep, there are three airflow patterns. All these are preprogrammed. The optimal air circulation is possible via 90-degree oscillation.

      With the help of push air button, the user can set 12 hours timer. The user does not need any kinds of tools to assemble it. Overall, each of the features of the tower fan is satisfactory.

      The tower fan comes with warranty card, manual, remote control with enhanced range, base, fan and extension column.


      • Easy to assemble.
      • Inbuilt timer
      • Sophisticated and stylish design
      • Space-saving design.
      • Remote control with enhanced range.
      • Hence, you can easily control the functions with little distance too.


        PELONIS Oscillating Tower Fan with Timer

        3- speed quiet fan is featuring with various speed settings. Inbuilt 8 hours timer will allow you to automatic shut down. Customize the breeze needs as per the convenience. High energy-efficient tower fan has the perfect oscillation for the nursing room as well as the bedroom.

        There is a LED display. It is also equipped with remote control. The Pelonis tower fan is designed in such a way that you can fully control it without leaving your place. So, sit comfortably in your couch and bed.

        Cleaning the tower fan is also an easy job as it has a removable back cover. Hence, it makes life easy with this option.

        The contemporary look of the fan has a stylish and compact design. Thus, it acts as a decorative piece in the home. Oscillation is about 60 degrees wide, and this is good for ventilation. It has a stylish oscillation fan.

        Presence of compact design assures the safety of the kids. Moreover, there is built-in overheat protection. This will help in switching off the fan automatically if the motor is overheated.


        • Front desk control
        • LED indicator
        • There are three speeds
        • It has a programmed timer.
        • The tower fan has an auto shut off.
        • It has a remote control.


        • Sometimes, the tower fan is not sturdy.

        Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

        Bajaj Electricals is one of the most popular and reputable consumer product companies. The tower fan is known for its design as it can fit anywhere. This one works in the home as well as in the office. Look of the tower fan is stunning, and its design leaves a good impression.

        The air delivery rate is also reasonable. So, along with the impressive look, the functioning is excellent.

        The lightweight of the tower fan makes it portable and helps in carrying it anywhere easily. Tough blower offers good air throw efficiency.

        The ergonomic control panel gives you the ease of using the swing and speed controls. The control panel on the tower fan facilitates two different buttons to control speed and swings.

        The body is made up of stabilized thermoplastic. Hence, the body is corrosion-resistant for life. The sturdy design of the tower fan offers stability to the product.

        It has a warranty of 2 years. Power consumption is 150 watts.


        • Tough blower
        • It has a sturdy design.
        • The tower fan has an ergonomic control panel.
        • The ergonomic control panel is present.
        • The fan is lightweight as well as portable.


          V Guard Tower Fan

          The Indian market is filled with lots of tower fans. But V Guard Tower Fan- Veemagik has made its place in the market. V-Guard is known for its reputation and top quality products.

          Sleek and stylish looks will assure the elegant look to the room. Beat the summer with style. Its style will easily blend with the home décor. Its automatic swing will ensure better airflow and air delivery.

          Forty watts of motor offers excellent cooling performance for the longer duration of time. Three-step speed will ensure to fulfil all of your cooling requirements. The product is known for its superior air throw.

          So, this product will enhance the home décor with its stylish look and will cool you in summers.

          Moreover, get the inbuilt timer with the product. It is for 2 hours. This is ana fantastic feature of this tower fan.

          It is easy to carry due to its lightweight. Additionally, it also makes the tower fan portable one. There is no problem in taking the product anywhere in the house.

          Its features make this one suitable for office and home. V Guard tower fan is not occupying much space. Thus, you can easily place this one in the bedroom also.

          The product is offering a 2-year warranty.

          The tower fan has 40 watts motor only. So, electrical consumption is much less.


          • It has an inbuilt timer of 2 hours.
          • Three-speed choices are present.
          • Best for living rooms and individual cabins.
          • Power consumption is also less.
          • Stylish look



            How does a tower fan differ from a traditional fan?

            A tower fan is designed with a tall, slim profile that takes up less space compared to traditional fans. It typically features a vertical housing with a motor and fan blades inside. Unlike regular fans, tower fans provide a wider and more even distribution of airflow and often include additional features like oscillation, remote control, and programmable timers.

            Are tower fans energy-efficient?

            Yes, tower fans are generally known for their energy efficiency. They are designed to provide effective cooling while consuming less power compared to other cooling options, such as air conditioners. Tower fans often feature multiple speed settings, allowing you to adjust the airflow according to your preference and conserve energy when needed.

            Can tower fans be used in small spaces or rooms?

            Absolutely! Tower fans are an excellent choice for small spaces or rooms due to their compact design. Their slim profile allows them to fit easily into corners or narrow areas, making them ideal for apartments, offices, bedrooms, or even dorm rooms. Additionally, many tower fans offer oscillation functionality, which helps to circulate air throughout the room, ensuring efficient cooling in limited spaces.

            Do tower fans provide sufficient cooling for larger rooms?

            While tower fans are effective at providing cooling in smaller spaces, they may not be as powerful as larger, industrial fans or air conditioners when it comes to cooling larger rooms. However, some tower fans are equipped with powerful motors and enhanced airflow features, allowing them to provide adequate cooling in medium-sized rooms. It’s important to consider the room size and the specific cooling needs before choosing a tower fan for larger areas.

            How do I maintain and clean a tower fan?

            Maintaining and cleaning your tower fan is crucial to ensure optimal performance. Most tower fans have removable grilles or panels that allow easy access to the blades for cleaning. Regularly dusting the exterior and wiping down the fan with a soft cloth will help keep it clean. Additionally, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for detailed guidance on cleaning and maintenance specific to your tower fan model.

            Is a tower fan better than a normal fan?

            Tower fans have useful features. It is lightweight and has purifier. These are also available in various sizes and styles. So, one can choose the style and size as per the need. However, for huge rooms, it may not be suitable.

            What is the difference between a tower fan and air cooler?

            There is a difference in the working method of both of these. An air cooler works on the principle of evaporation of water. On the other hand, the air is recirculated in the room by the tower fan.


            Tower fans surely take much less space than air coolers. These are also lighter than air coolers.

            Tower fans operate silently as it does not create noise when you use it. However, air coolers are noisy and also produce little vibration when it is in use.

            Generally, tower fans have pre-filters for blowing fresh air. Air coolers give rise to the level of humidity in the room.

            Operating the tower fans is not difficult at all. These are not very much complicated devices. But the air coolers need some settings. One has to maintain the level of water in it.

            In terms of maintenance, the towers fans need little care. But one has to ensure the suction port, and it must be cleaned every week. But in air coolers, more maintenance is there. Cleaning is a little stiff in the case of air coolers.

            The working is not affected by the tower fans in any weather conditions. They circulate air entirely in all weather conditions.

            Undoubtedly, the electrical consumption is higher in the case of air coolers. Tower fans consume less electricity. In terms of economical solution, tower fans are the best choice.

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