8 Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in India 2021 Review

Ceiling fans are a gift when the mid-year heat strikes. During that time, the air is so dry and hot that you have an inclination that you are being cooked alive, and you would offer anything to have the option to feel a chilly wind. This is an incredible inclination, chiefly since we realize how uncommon summer winds are. In any case, did you know that you can bring that mid-year breeze inside your home just by buying the best ceiling fan? Besides, you should simply just to press a catch – or pull a chain.

Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in India

Best High Speed Ceiling Fan in India

 1. Atomberg Renesa BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan Max Speed

Atomberg Technologies was started by a group of IIT $ IIM graduates. The group believed that Indian consumers deserve better hence entered into the business of building smart and energy-efficient devices that stand up to the global market standards. Atomberg Renesa is wholly based on Brushless Direct Current Technology (BLDC). The fans internally run off 24V Dc, besides the fans can be connected to the regular AC supply.

The fans only use 28W due to BLDC technology. Additionally, the fans approximately consume 6W at the lowest speed. The Atomberg Renesa runs three times longer on an inverter battery when compared to ordinary ceiling fans. In case of significant voltage fluctuation, the fan runs at a consistent speed.

The fans are made of aluminum alloy, which makes the blades of the fan rust-free. The Atomberg Renesa has one of the most compact motors, which boosts the life span of the blades, which leads to better air delivery and broader air spread. The fans are controlled with a smart remote with features such as timer mode, sleep mode, and boost mode. The timer is an off timer that puts the fan off after the set number of hours of operation.

The boost mode enables the highest speed, which can also be reduced after every two hours of operation. The bearing is Z+ shielded double ball bearing and this makes it efficient to be used in children’s rooms, bedrooms, large rooms, and luxury living rooms.


  • Consumes 28W on the highest speed (super energy efficient BLDC motor)
  • The compact motor which makes the fan have a contemporary appearance
  • Runs three times as compared to an induction fan on an inverter battery
  • Runs consistently from a voltage that ranges between 140V to 285V
  • Awarded by the government of India for its creative innovation.


  • It is little noisy

2. Havells Leganza High Speed Ceiling Fan

The Havels Leganza Ceiling Fan is one of the best fans of a wide range of Havel’s appliances with excellent looks and reliable performance. Its attractive finish not only gives your roof a great look but also fits with any decorating scheme.

The fan has four blades, which help withstand the summer heat, providing adequate airflow even in large-sized rooms. The Havels Ceiling Fan comes with a double bronze and gold-tone. So, if you need the best fan in your room, these havels are just the thing you are looking for.


  • Reliable Features Havels Gold Ceiling Fan is a dedicated fan with four blades to provide adequate cooling to your room.
  • Exotic blade trims and body rings give it an exceptional finish.
  • The 4-blade ceiling fan offers a 1200mm air sweep, making it an excellent choice for large-sized rooms.
  • The Havels 4 Blade Ceiling Fan comes with a two-year warranty and is designed for long-lasting performance.
  • With outstanding durability, stunning looks, and exceptional performance, this Havel’s fan will be a great choice to make your home spicy and calm this summer.


  • It replaces the light fixtures.

3. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm High Speed Ceiling Fan in India

A very reliable and durable Orient Electric Apex Air Sealing Fan is a must for your home. Available in 2 different colours, this fan blends seamlessly with the decor of your room. Orient Electric Apex Air with powerful copper motor delivers high air delivery and air thrust. Powder coating gives the fan more life.


  • Blade size- 1200mm (48 inches); Super reliable and efficient copper motor; Motor Speed: 370 rpm.
  • A general model for lifestyle; Number of poles: 12; Power consumption (in watts): 40; Number of speed settings: 5
  • Consumption Power consumption: 78 watts; Comes in brown and white colour options; The inverter is compatible
  • Air Delivery: 200 m 3 / min; Service value: 2.5 cm / w; Bottom cover material: Aluminum
  • Top Cover Material: CRCA; Door Length: 206 mm.
  • Blade Material: GP; Warranty: 2 years for the product


  • Little Noisy

4. Luminous Audie Ceiling Fan

The luminous Audi is a great in-class ceiling fan, which provides real value for your money. The makeup fan is excellent for enhancing the beauty of your outfit, while the gold blades come with blades. You are made of very durable fan powerful motor and high-grade aluminium blades.

Aerodynamic engineering wide blades for excellent power and airflow. Large motor for superior heat dissipation. The shiny Audi comes with some key features such as quality assurance, attractive performance, reliable utilities, and efficient operation. It is a fan of decoration that gives the elegance and modernity of your home decor.

Blade size: 1200 mm; Fan speed: 380 rpm; Air Delivery: 230 CM.

Design: Decorative ceiling fan with new era design and metallic finish to replace the usual “peripheral ring” fan
Number of Blades: 3
Motor: The fast motor rotates at high speed and ensures excellent heat dissipation


  • Consumption Power consumption: 78 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 V – 240 V
  • Warranty: 2 years for manufacturing defects.
  • Shiny Audi Sealing Fan, Warranty Card and Installation Guide


  • Little complicated to clean.

5. Atomberg Efficio BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Technologies is a VC-backed company started by a group of IIT and IIM graduates. Atterberg believes that Indian consumers are highly qualified, so they have entered the space of making smart & energy-efficient devices of global standards. Atomberg Efficiency Ceiling Fan is the first product launched by Atomberg Technologies. The fan is based on BLDC technology, which refers to brushless direct current technology.

Fans can connect with regular AC supplies delivered in primary Indian homes; However, the fan runs on 24V DC internally. Due to the use of BLDC technology, fans use only 28W at high speeds and around 6W at low rates. Compared to the typical impulse-based ceiling fan, the Atomberg Efficio saves up to 500 to 1,500 on your electric bills per year. The molecular capacity of the inverter battery is three times higher than that of a standard impulse-based sealing fan. Fans are operating at a constant speed despite the large voltage fluctuations. Fans and blades are made from stainless aluminium alloy.

Atomberg Efficiency Ceiling Fan has a smart remote control features such as boost mode, sleep mode, and timer mode. Boost mode allows the fan’s highest speed, reducing fan speed by 1 step every 2 hours when you use Boost mode, the timer of the timer, which stops the fan after a specified number of hours. The bearing used on the atomberg fans is a z + shield double ball bearings, the atomberg capacity 12000 mm fans can be used in luxury living rooms, large rooms, and homes. The motor has no noise.


  • Energy Super Energy Efficient BLDC motor, which uses only 28W at high-speed Rs. 1500 per annum on your electricity bill140
  • It operates steadily at the same speed from the 140-285V voltage range
  • Smart Remote with Boost, Sleep, Speed ​​Control, and Timer Mode
  • The inverter operates three times longer than the induction fan of the battery
  • Two years onsite warranty + 1-year extended warranty for registration
  • United Nations, WWF, Government of India Award for Innovation.


  • With remote and regulator it doesnt work properly.

6. Crompton Aluminum Aura Anti-Dust High-Speed Ceiling Fan.

Our innovative range of electronic solutions allows you to create the best atmosphere at home. Our products are energy efficient and offer a better electronic product that makes homes more comfortable. All of our products are made of high-quality ingredients.


  • Improve the look of your living space with the attractive design of the Eura Effect Area
  • Ensure high speed and longevity with Omp Crampton’s powerful impact sealing fans.
  • Crampton’s unique high-speed motor ensures the best in 230 cm class air delivery
  • 100% copper motor, double ball bearings, and dynamically balanced blades. Significant parts for longevity!
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty issued by Crampton from the date of purchase; Sweep size = 1200 mm; Speed ​​= 380 rpm; Air delivery = 230 cm; Input power = 74w.


  • Can lead to safety issues when installed on a low height

7. Digismart 390 RPM High Speed Ceiling Fan India

The ceiling fan, loaded with useful and straightforward features in its design, can provide cooling and refreshing air. It can be used for any home or office interiors. So, shop online today for this ceiling fan. Each 48-inch ceiling fan on each of the fan’s three blades measures 121.92 cm. This size is perfect for any medium or large room.


  • Reduce your electricity bill to a 5-star rate approved by the bee.
  • Aero Dynamically Designed Balanced Blades, Max Speed ​​(RPM): 390
  • Ove exclusive with high flow technology
  • Heavy Crack Stamping to Improve Fan Life.


  • Consumes a large amount of voltage

8. Luminous Rayair High Speed Ceiling Fan

Striking colours with heavy-duty ABS blades. This fantastic LED fan is guaranteed to provide the style statement of your personality with a full-function touch button remote regulator.


  • Aerodynamically designed ABS blades and body
  • Glass/polycarbonate dome for better light distribution
  • Touch-Pad RF Remote
  • 15 Watts LED
  • Warranty: 2 years for production
  • Power: 95 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 Volts


  • You can’t install yourself. Need a mechanic.


Although most roof fans have a light apparatus, they do not deliver as much light as a standard light installation. At most extreme, they just make an encompassing light that should be supplanted with numerous new matches.

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