5 Best Exhaust Fan for Bathroom in India 2023 Review

Do you feel that your bathroom is looking messy due to the unwanted moisture content? Your bathroom will look like hell if your wall is left with stains from these unwanted moisture contents. We have an idea to get rid of it.

Yes, the exhaust fan for the bathroom is the best thing to get rid of your problem. These exhaust fans keep your bathrooms free from nasty strains caused by moisture. It makes you feel free from bathroom odors and unwanted fishy smells coming out of
the bathroom.

Best Exhaust Fan for Bathroom

The fumes from the cleaning products are a danger to us. It reduces the irritatable fumes
that spread over the air in your bathroom.

It keeps humidity to a normal level. So, the walls are well protected from peeling due to excessive moisture.

Now you got an idea of what is an exhaust fan and its usage in the bathrooms. Now let us move on to know about different exhaust fans that suit best for you.

Best Exhaust Fan for Bathroom in India 2023

1. Havells Ventilair DB Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Havells is one of the powerful brands that sell quality housing essentials. Furthermore, it is a top seller in the market for exhaust fans.

The Havells exhaust fans are very well known for their powerful performance. It deals with making the bathroom dry and clean, and it completely provides a defense against odors. It spreads your bathroom/kitchen filled with a good airflow atmosphere.

It comes with a dual ball bearing system, which keeps the hot air from your bathroom and kitchen. It keeps your bathroom at a moderate temperature. Moreover, due to the dual ball bearing system, the wear and tear are much less.

It also comes with a protective bird guard. The fan also throws a good amount of cool air around your kitchen or bathroom. It makes you feel pleasant as the room is full of cool airflow.

It has the feature of absolute copper winding, so it stands out for a long time. It contains a pure form of metal, ensuring durability. But, the only thing to worry about is its weight.

So, if you are looking for a branded product with everlasting performance, then go ahead with this fan.

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  • The air delivery is very good.
  • Bird guard included for protection.
  • The entire body is made of metal.
  • This motor uses double ball bearings.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • Provides quality service.
  • There is very little wear and tear.


  • It costs a little more.

2. Luminous Vento Deluxe Exhaust Fan for Kitchen

Luminous is a brand that is best known for its durability and stand-out performance. These exhaust fans of luminous are very well known for their low voltage and high performance.

This Vento Delux Exhaust fan comes with a high-quality, durable motor mechanism. It gives you super cool airflow. The fan’s blades are very wide, so the airflow spreads across each direction of the room.

The fan offers good airflow because it has the most RPM in 1300. This fan with a well-molded plastic body safeguards the fan from any rust.

You can use this fan in your bathrooms, kitchen, and even in your offices. It suits best for these places, ensuring you feel the excellent airstrike.

You can expect a smooth and noiseless performance from this fan. If you use it, you will not be disturbed by its loud noises.

If you are looking for branded and quality-rich items, this is the best choice.

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  • Even at low voltage, it performs well.
  • It consumes very little power.
  • It increases endurance.
  • It is corrosion-free.


  • Nothing to say.

3. STARVIN Happy home Exhaust Fan for Bathroom

STARVIN happy home is another fan in the lineup which offers a quality product under a low budget. Yes, it costs very little, and it withstands the top range of exhaust fans.

It comes with three superior quality blades, which offer you the best in class operation. The fan gives a higher RPM of 2600. This allows the room to fill with fresh air. This fan comes under the traditional form of fans.

It comes with complete protection. So, the birds cannot enter the room via gaps even during non-operational hours. This fan allows you to make your rooms free from heat. It suits best for all kinds of rooms. You use this even in your office.

Even though the RPMs are high, the fan doesn’t produce much noise. It comes in the pure form of metal, so it ensures durability. We are pleased to announce that the copper windings of our motors provide superior performance.

The premium manufacturers in the budget segment are A & Y. They make their products worth the money. If your primary concern is the price, this exhaust fan may be right for you.

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  • Performs with no noise.
  • It has super-fast blades.
  • RPM of 2600.
  • It’s worth the money
  • Persistent performance
  • Suitable for stores, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • Made from pure metal.


  • It’s a bit noisy.

4. A & Y High-Speed Brijlax Copper PVC Glass Exhaust Fan for Bathroom and Kitchen

Are you looking for an exhaust fan that suits best for the bathroom? If yes, A & Y exhaust fans are not going to disappoint you. They are the best fit for you to use in the bathrooms. It reduces the disease-causing foams from the bathroom cleaning agents. It also reduces the moisturized areas around the bathroom walls so that the stains and paint peels are minimal.

It comes with 1400 RPM. The consumption of electricity is very less while comparing to the other products. The sound it produces is also very less. So you will be comfortable when it is running.

The glossy finish of the product makes the product look sleek and stylish. It comes with rust resistance. It allows the fan to sit in the areas where the moisturized content is very high.

It is the fan that targets the buyers with a low budget. If you are looking for a product under a low-budget segment, then this is the product.

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  • The best and cheapest product on the market.
  • Electricity consumption is low.
  • This reduces foam.
  • Body with a glossy finish.
  • Replacement warranty for 1 year.


  • Cannot use for long term operations.

5. MAA-KU Exhaust Fan for Bathroom

If you are looking for a mini fan that fits best in your kitchen or cabinet, this is the tailor-made fan. MAA-KU AC fan finds its use in the kitchen. It throws the hot air away and fills the cool breeze around your place.

This exhaust fan is very compact. It comes with an aluminum die-cast coating, which ensures the great ability of usage. It also brings stylish impressions to your side with its vibrant colors.

It suits best for the smaller rooms as it is very small in size. The plastic blades run faster, allowing the fresh air to enter, sucking the heat to move outside.

This smaller-sized fan comes with 2500 RPM and doing the air split into each corner of your room. It only gives minimal noise while working. It comes along with 5 frames made up of superior quality.

The product weights very less so you could fit this on your windows or the walls with screws.

The power consumption is very less while comparing to the other products. It will take only 22 watts of power supply.

If you are looking for a fan with beneficial performance and a low usage cost, this suits you the best.

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  • It fits nicely in the cabinet or window.
  • The power consumption is very low.
  • The airflow is smooth.
  • This fan is durable.
  • Comes with 2500 RPM.
  • Especially suitable for small rooms, such as kitchens.


  • Not suitable for rooms with a wider width.

If you don’t feel safe installing it yourself, try contacting a certified electrician to install it for you. If this is something you want to do on your own, just make sure to take necessary safety precautions such as wearing gloves when handling wiring and don’t touch bare wires.


These were the fans which I could suggest to you. Keep tracking the product info to get the ideal product that favors you the most. If you’re considering purchasing this particular product, take the time to read this article. Based on your requirements, grab the best one. Also, discuss with your friends or relatives who use any of the products in this lineup. As a result, you probably now have a better understanding of exhaust fans.

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