7 Best Ceiling Fans for Kids Room in India 2021

Kids today become more involved with the things in their rooms. Children today take an active role in decorating their rooms. As a result, parents are quite aware of what their children like. One cannot ignore the ceiling fans in this row. Companies are producing fans exclusively for kids’ rooms.

These fans are special. Blades of fans have their favourite fictional characters. Therefore, it is an extremely valuable thing to purchase when it comes to decorating your kid’s room.

Best Ceiling Fans for Kids Room

Best Ceiling Fans for Kids Room

Orient Electric Fantoosh Superhero 1200 mm Kids Ceiling Fan (Blue)

Best Ceiling Fan for Kids Room

Orient is a company synonymous with quality. The company has been selling fans in the market for quite a long time. In this journey, the company has made its reputation in terms of quality. The company has come up with a new idea, especially for kids.

A cartoon superhero theme is featured on the fan. Graphics are included on both the blades and the motor. There are vibrant graphics on the fan. A gorgeous colour combination is present. The performance of the product matters a lot, and the motor will never let you down. Exceptional performance is guaranteed with a powerful motor.

A noisy running fan is always very irritating. But, the fan has a double ball bearing, and the presence of a double ball bearing helps in the quiet operation of the fan.

Importantly, durability comes with the product. The fan has an aluminium body, and therefore, its aluminium body ensures a high level of performance and durability.

Superhero colourful theme will revive the mood of the kids.


  • The fan silent operation.
  • Graphics of the fan are attractive and mesmerizing.
  • Finish of the product is good.


  • Speed can have some improvements.

Bajaj Ceiling Fan for Kids Room

This Bajaj fan has taken care of the kid’s feelings. This product utilizes an awesome Disney theme. Kids will enjoy the Disney theme. The kids are mesmerized by Mickey Mouse and his friends on the fan. The moment they enter the room, they will be immersed in a fantasy world.

Mickey Mouse is the love of children. They will be delighted and excited to have this theme on their fan. The fan uses a unique picture transfer technology to create the feel of the real characters. Air delivery is excellent due to wider blades.

The product is energy-efficient. That means your wallet won’t be burdened anymore. It helps in reducing the bill. The low power consumption allows you to save money. As a result, you will gain a double benefit. You will save money while making your kids happy and enthusiastic.

The product has two years warranty.


  • It is fairly priced.
  • High-quality material in the construction makes the fan durable.
  • The fan has an appealing Disney Theme.
  • This product has incredible picture transfer technology.


  • Working of the fan is noisy but little.

Havells Ceiling Fan for Kids Room

Keeping the kids comfortable is the aim of every parent. So, make the kids happy with the moto race ceiling fan from Havells. The motor race theme and the vibrant colour is ready to capture the kids in the world of fantasy. You cannot imagine the bundle of joy the kids have in their fantasy world of moto race.

Moto race theme will never let them bore in their room. The unique design is going to be a favourite one for kids. Eye-catching design and graphics never compromise with the performance. There are three blades.

All these three have wide tips. The wide tips aids in equal air distribution across the room. Hence, the air reaches every corner of the room. Enjoy the breeze with optimum air circulation.

No showy electrical messing. Twin canopies of the fan will hide all the electrical wirings. Relax even in the low voltages. The fan is performing quite good in low voltages, and its impressive motor gives flawless performance when the voltage supply is low.

Refreshing air breeze is possible with its ergonomically designed blades. This assures air circulation in the entire room. Airflow is impressive as well as steady.

The fan complements the decor of the kid’s room.


  • Excellent airflow.
  • At low voltage also, the fan has impressive performance.
  • Presence of twin canopies
  • Blades of the fan have a wide tip.
  • Motor race theme attracts the kids.


  • After some months, it produces little noise.

Usha Multicolour Kids Ceiling Fan

Chhota Bheem is a lovely cartoon character. The character is ideal for the kids. Getting Chhota Bheem in the room is an amazing thing for the kids.

A ceiling fan with a Chhota Bheem theme is going to hold the attention of your kids. Static images of Chhota Bheem will take them to the world of imagination. Lift the creativity of your kids with this fan.

Usha fans are always reliable in terms of quality and performance. There is no doubt regarding the performance of the products of the company. Getting their favourite cartoon will excite the children. The fan has been designed especially for kids only.

The blades are aerodynamically designed. These also have high lift angles. It helps in wider air spread. So, every corner of the room has air circulation.

The product has two years warranty.


  • Sturdy construction assures the durability of the product.
  • Static images
  • Air delivery is great.


  • Speed is not impressive.

Usha Doraemon Basketball 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Doraemon is among my favourite cartoon characters. Kids love this character and its amazing tools. So, getting the character at their ceiling is awesome. This Doraemon basketball will surely lift the mood up of your kids.

Quality is not your concern. The Usha Company has never failed for its quality. The company has always come up in the market with quality products. The passion of the company is playing with the air. So, the company has reached out to kids also. It’s just accelerating the imagination of the kids.

High air delivery is the unique feature of the fan. Aerodynamic tip blades are wide. Wide aerodynamics blades at the tip contribute to the higher air delivery.

In our country, fluctuations are very common situations. But, the fan is good in low voltages also. So, now no more voltage fluctuations can affect the air delivery of the fan.

There is a greater air circulation also. It is due to the high lift angle present in the blade. As the fan is specifically for the kids, it has colourful static images over its blades.

Usha Doraemon comes with fantastic images and graphics. Definite, high-quality images and graphics give comfort to the kids.


  • The fan is not expensive.
  • It has superior airflow.
  • Perfect visual appeal makes the fan mesmerizing.


  • Its functioning is noisy sometimes.

Bajaj Disney Avengers 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Another wonderful product from the Bajaj company. This time the company has made little kids happy with its Avengers theme.

Unique picture transfer technology has enabled the company to make the colours and graphics vibrant. The stationary bottom cover is not rotating with the fan. So, images on it are visible and appealing.

Silent operation is a must feature of the fans. This fan is not making noise. Thus, little champs can have sound and peaceful sleep. Feeling breeze at every corner makes the kids comfortable.

Increased width of the blades helps in better air delivery. The fan has a strong pole motor. This aids in an excellent performance. Your kids can feel the air in every part of the room.


  • The product has a unique picture transfer technology.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Good air delivery.


  • It makes little noise.

Relaxo Candy Ceiling Fan

It is the right time to develop the imagination of your kids. What could be better than a jungle theme? An innovative jungle theme is going to be my favourite. The jungle theme is insightful, giving your kids a chance to be visionary.

Enviable performance along with the elegant look is always a superb combination. The graphics of animals on the fan is lovely and creative.

The presence of a double ball bearing helps in the silent operation of the fan. So, there is no interruption in the sleep of the kids. The child can have a deep and sound sleep.

A high lift angle present on the blades helps in wide air spread, and this helps in reaching air to every corner of the room. So, the kid will not feel the heat at any part of the room. High air circulation along with the high air delivery is other wonderful features of the product.

The main thing is its efficiency to work in the low voltages. Low fluctuations do not affect its performance. The fan is giving a hard competition to the low voltage also. So, no more dilemma when the voltage situation is low.

Heavy-duty motor contributes to its excellent performance. Moreover, the fan has three years warranty.


  • It has an affordable price tag.
  • The product has good performance even in the low voltage scenarios.
  • Powerful air delivery comes with the fan.
  • Elegant looks and jungle theme is fascinating.


  • The product is not of high quality.


It’s time to bring your kids Disney cartoon characters at home. Make them happy and let them enjoy their world of imagination and fantasy. Accelerate their creativity with specifically cartoon themed fans.

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